Marketing 101: Why New Businesses Should Join their Chamber of Commerce

Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

If you are a new business owner/operator, from the day you hang out your shingle, you should be focused on marketing your business.  And part of that marketing plan should include joining thechamber of commercein your local area.  Furthermore, you should attend meetings regularly after you join.  If you’re familiar with the town, or new to the area, getting to know the faces behind the places of business is key to marketing yourself and your goods and services.  It takes time to find those common areas of interest with other businesses, but before long, you’ll find ways to raise your profile in the community, and that can lead to many positive associations.  But what if you’re a small business owner already pushed for time?  Well, they say if you can’t go to the mountain, bring the mountain to you.  You can invite a few of the members –  or board members once you get to know them –  to your location for a sponsored Chat and Chew, or sponsor a junior league, street fair or other small event.  It’s just one of the ways you can let them know you are interested in keeping abreast of the issues and trends in the community, and want to make positive contributions as well.

Furthermore, use the power of the media at your fingertips.  If you have a high-tech smart phone, like the Samsung S8 at your disposal, learn to use its features to your advantage.  If you’re not sure how to use the features, find a representative or even a savvy college student and invite them in for a talk.  You’ll be surprised how many will appreciate a 20-minute overview of the phones hidden gems.  Offer prizes for the winner who demonstrates “the most useful thing a smart phone can do,” to keep it light and interesting.   If you need to upgrade to a better phone yourself, use a Groupon.  They offer $300 in credits on the trade in of a device toward a new Galaxy S8, and 50% off select back to school items.

Studies show that a business can benefit from being associated with the chamber of commerce.  Consumers are more than 44% more likely to have a favorable opinion of them and their products when they know they belong.  And they are more than 60% more likely to buy products from chamber members.  With so much riding on marketing strategies these days, use one that’s been tried and true for hundreds of years and join your local chamber of commerce.